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WUN Utility References

This list is compiled from data provided by WUN staff members. For more information on how to obtain these references, contact the staff member who's column covers the area of interest. For on-line or electronic references, links to sites with more information may be found on the WUN links page. If you have any corrections or additions to this list (must be HF Utility related), send them to:


  1. Admiralty List of Radio Signals (ALRS) - Several volumes, published by the UK's Hydrographic Office, a department of the Royal Navy
  2. Airline Fleets 96 by Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd.
  3. Airlines & Airports Coding & Decoding by Derogee, Paul and van Stelle
  4. Airlines 1996 - annual publication
  5. Beyond the Broadcast Bands - a Listener's Guide to non-voice comms by Richard Wilmot
  6. Coast Guard Radio by Jim Pogue
  7. Data Code Manual by Joerg Klingenfuss
  8. DoD Flight Information Publication (Enroute) IFR Supplement, via Defense Mapping Agency.
  9. DoD Flight Information Handbook, Military Training Routes, North and S. America, via DMA.
  10. Embassy Radio Communications Workbook by Michael Schaay - also has SSB info
  11. Ferrel's "Confidential Frequency List" - aka CFL
  12. Groves Shortwave Directory edited by Larry Van Horn
  13. Great Lakes Red Book 1995 Edition via Freshwater Press -note this is a final edition
  14. Greenwood & Dills Lake Boats published by Freshwater Press - Great Lakes ship info
  15. Guide to Utility Stations by Joerg Klingenfuss
  16. Guide to FAX radio Stations by Joerg Klingenfuss
  17. Handbook for Marine Radio Communication - merchant ship Radio Officer's "bible" on radio procedures, published by Lloyd's of London
  18. High in the Sky - contains Airline selcal list
  19. Hobbyist's Guide to COMINT Collection & Analysis by Tom Roach
  20. Hobbyist's COMINT Russian Radioteletype Dictionary by Tom Roach
  21. Inland River Record via The Waterways Journal - U.S. inland waterway towboats and tugs -no callsigns
  22. International Callsign Handbook by Gayle Van Horn
  23. ITU List IV - List of coast stations
  24. ITU List V - List of ship stations
  25. ITU List VI - List of radiodeterminations and special service stations
  26. ITU List VIIA - List of call signs (maritime stations)
  27. ITU List VIIB - List of call signs (non maritime)
  28. Janes Fighting Ships - revised yearly, you can get slightly dated copies at greatly reduced prices
  29. Maritime Frequency Directory by Coburn & Gad
  30. Military Monitoring by Steve Douglas
  31. Monitoring Times magazine, published by Grove Enterprises
  32. Official Aeronautical Frequency Directory
  33. Official Maritime Frequency Directory
  34. Popular Communications magazine
  35. Radioteletype Monitoring - The Complete Guide by Dallas Williams
  36. RAF Flight Information Handbook
  37. RTTY Datacard by Chuck Yarbrough
  38. RTTY Listener, published by Universal Radio Research
  39. Secret Signals - The Euro-Numbers Mystery by Simon Mason
  40. Seefunk by Rainer Brannolte/Wolf Siebel (Siebel Verlag)
  41. Short Wave International Frequency Handbook by Bill Laver. - All modes up to 30Mhz
  42. Spezial-Frequenzliste (9kHz - 30MHz) by By Rainer Brannolte/Wolf Siebel (ISBN: 3-922221-80-7, Siebel Verlag)
  43. The Essential Rtty Frequency List by Dallas Williams
  44. The Naval Institute Guide to the Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet by Norman Polmar (Naval Institute Press)
  45. The Underground Frequency Guide (3rd edition) by Don Schimmel
  46. The Warship Directory by Jim Pogue
  47. The Worldwide Aeronautical Communications Frequency Directory by Robert E. Evans
  48. Top Secret International Confidential Frequency List
  49. Understanding ACARS by Ed Flynn
  50. U.S. Military Radio Communications by Michael Schaay
  51. Utility Address Book by Klein-Arendt
  52. Utility Monitor's Operations Manual by Chuck Yarbrough
  53. WEATHER RADIO - A Complete Guide to Receiving NOAA, Volmet, Weatherfax, Weather Satellite and Other Weather Information Sources by Anthony R. Curtis, K3RXK


  1. Compact Cassette Recording of Modulation Types by Klingenfuss Publications
  2. Compact Disc Recording of Modulation Types by Klingenfuss Publications
  3. Frequency Data Diskettes: Master Frequency List, Former Frequency List, ICAO and WMO Lists, Super Frequency List by Klingenfuss Publications
  4. Frequency Manager for Shortwave Listener by Klingenfuss Publications
  5. PC-Frequenz by Ingenieurburo fur Satellitentechnik - 23000 frequencies and 10000 callsigns, plus much more. Has optional Broadcast module and Quarterly updates
  6. RadioData Utility Database by SHOC RadioData - utility database
  7. Russian Merchant Ship Database by Jason Berri
  8. WUN/Worldwide Utility News Club - monthly newsletter and WWW site

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