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Special Topic Report 07
\\\\\                  WORLDWIDE UTE NEWS Club                     ////
 \\\\\ An Electronic Club Dealing Exclusively in Utility Stations ////
  \\\\\             Special Report 07, March 2002                /////
   \\\\\                  Copyright 2002 WUN                    ///// 

                      * WUN EQUIPMENT SURVEY *
                    by Ary Boender 

Almost 400 (33%) of our members have supplied a list of their equipment
in the recent past. As promised I have compiled a list of receivers, 
decoders, and antennae as used by these WUNners. As antennae and other
equipment ("various") were not included in the "questionnaire" in the
past, I have only info from 100 dxers about the subject.

Thanks to everyone who has sent info for the survey. You have a real
nice collection of equipment in your shacks, that's for sure. I came
across brands and types that I never saw before, amongst them a number
of vintage machines.

Looking at the receivers, we see that AOR, Icom, JRC, Kenwood, Radio
Shack, Sony, and Yaesu are the most popular with a wide range of types.
The Icom IRC-71, Kenwood R5000, and JRC NRD535 are on top of the list,
closely followed by Sony ICF2010 and the Drake R8.

The top of the decoders is formed by affordable gadgets as JVFax and
its sister JVcomm32, Hamcomm, Radioraft, and PC-ALE. From the more
expensive decoders, HOKA's Code3 is the most used one, followed by
AEA PK-232, Universal's M7000 and M8000, Kantronics KAM, and Code30.

In antenna-land the longwire is by far the most popular antenna,
followed by various types of dipoles, verticals, and discones. Most 
of them homebrew. Widely used are also the Wellbrook ALA1530 loop,
the G5RV dipole, and RF-Systems' T2FD seems to be popular as well.
Note that the "antenna" and "various" info is new in the database, so
the available data is very limited.

I have listed the equipment in four sections: 
1) receivers
2) decoders
3) antenna
4) various

The four sections are compilations of the original configurations as
sent to us by ca. 400 members. The exact configurations are listed as


If you didn't send your list to Mike or me in the past and want to be
included in the WUN members database, please send me your details as 
follows. An alias instead of your name is no problem, of course.

e-mail address:
DX interests:

This info will be used by WUN staff for club purposes only. Equipment
details will be made available in the newsletter and on the website,
but names, e-mail addresses and locations are withheld.



Realistic receivers are listed under Radio Shack
Bearcat receivers are listed under Uniden
National Panasonic receivers are listed under Panasonic

 1x Alflab R1
 1x Alinco DJ-X2
 1x Alinco DR-150
 2x Alinco DX-70T
 1x Alinco DX-77TH
 1x AOR AR-1000
 4x AOR AR-1500
 3x AOR AR-2002
17x AOR AR-3000
 3x AOR AR-300A
11x AOR AR-3030
10x AOR AR-5000
16x AOR AR-7030 
11x AOR AR-8000
 8x AOR AR-8200
 1x AOR AR-8600
 1x AOR AR-900
 1x AOR AT-2000
 1x AOR JT-7000 
 1x AOR SDU-5000
 1x BC 342 (WWII)
 1x Canada P7E 4J9
 1x Collins 388
 2x Collins 51-J4
 1x Collins 51S-1
 2x Collins 651S-1
 1x Collins 75S
 3x Collins HF-2050
 1x Collins R209 military rx
17x Collins R390A/URR
 2x Collins R392 military rx
 1x Collins R648/ARR-41 rx
 1x Commtel COM207
 1x Commtel COM307
 1x Cubic R-3030
 1x Dancom R-203
 1x Datong FL-2
 1x DJ580 Handheld
 1x DLS200
 1x DLS80
 2x Drake 2 (C,2CQ)
 5x Drake R4 (B,C)
 5x Drake R7, R7A
26x Drake R8, R8A, R8E
 1x Drake RR1
 3x Drake SPR4
 4x Drake SW8, SW8B
 1x Drake TR7
 1x Eddystone 1004
 2x Eddystone 1650/2
 2x Eddystone 1650/3
 2x Eddystone 1650/6
 1x Eddystone 1837
 1x Eddystone 1990R
 1x Eddystone 730/4
 1x Eddystone 830/7
 1x Eddystone 840A
 1x Eddystone 840C
 1x Eddystone 880-2
 1x Eddystone 940
 1x Eddystone 990R
 1x Eddystone EC10
 1x Eddystone EC958/7E
 1x Eddystone ORION
 1x Eddystone S640
 1x Electronav EN-R2
 5x Fairhaven RD500 (VX)
 1x Fairmate HP-100
 1x FDK ATC-720 SkyVoice
 1x GE Superradio II
 1x GEC BRT400
 3x Grundig Satellit 700
 1x Grundig Satellit 2100
 5x Grundig Yachtboy 400
 1x Hallicrafter SX-110
 1x Hallicrafter SX-111
 1x Hallicrafter SX-62A
 1x Hallicrafters S-120
 1x Hallicrafters S-40B
 1x Hallicrafters S-53A
 2x Hallicrafters SX-42	
 1x Hammarlund HQ160
 2x Hammarlund HQ170
 3x Hammarlund HQ180
 5x Hammarlund SP600-JX21
 1x Handic 0080
 1x Harris RF-505A
 1x Harris RF-550
 2x Harris RF-590
 1x Heathkit GR-54
 1x Heathkit HR-1680
 1x Heathkit SB-310
 1x Heathkit SB-313
 2x ICOM ICR-1
 2x ICOM ICR-10
 1x ICOM ICR-100
 2x ICOM ICR-2
11x ICOM ICR-70 
13x ICOM ICR-7000
 1x ICOM ICR-706 MkIIG
 8x ICOM ICR-71
 9x ICOM ICR-7100
32x ICOM ICR-71 (A,E)
 8x ICOM ICR-72 (A)
 1x ICOM ICR-720
 4x ICOM ICR-725
 1x ICOM ICR-726
 1x ICOM ICR-728
 2x ICOM ICR-730
 4x ICOM ICR-735
 2x ICOM ICR-736
 1x ICOM ICR-738
 2x ICOM ICR-745
 1x ICOM ICR-746
13x ICOM ICR-75
 4x ICOM ICR-751 (A)
 1x ICOM ICR-757
 9x ICOM ICR-765
 1x ICOM ICR-781
 1x ICOM ICR-784
 9x ICOM ICR-8500
 9x ICOM ICR-9000   
13x ICOM PCR-1000
 1x Itachi KH-WS1
 1x ITT 2020
 1x ITT-Mackay 3010C
 1x ITT-Mackay 3021A
 1x ITT-Mackay MSR5050
 2x JPS NIR-12/ANC-4
 2x JRC NRD-345
 6x JRC NRD-515
20x JRC NRD-525
30x JRC NRD-535
14x JRC NRD-545 
 1x JRC NRD-61A
 1x JRC NRD-635D
 1x JRC NRD-93
 1x Katran R-399
 1x Kenwood 9R59DS
 1x Kenwood KT 1100
 6x Kenwood R 1000
11x Kenwood R 2000
31x Kenwood R 5000
 2x Kenwood R 600
 2x Kenwood RZ 1
 1x Kenwood TH D7A
 1x Kenwood TM D700
 1x Kenwood TM-V7E
 2x Kenwood TS 140s
 2x Kenwood TS 430S
 4x Kenwood TS 440 (A,S)
 3x Kenwood TS 450 (sat)
 2x Kenwood TS 50
 1x Kenwood TS 570DGE
 1x Kenwood TS 570S
 1x Kenwood TS 680 TX/RX
 2x Kenwood TS 690 (S,V)
 1x Kenwood TS 830M
 1x Kenwood TS 840
 4x Kenwood TS 850 (sat)
 2x Kenwood TS 870
 2x Kenwood TS 930S
 4x Kenwood TS 940S
 1x Koden KS-540
 1x Lowe HF-100
10x Lowe HF-150
12x Lowe HF-225 
 1x Maycom 108
 1x MFJ 1026
 1x Microdyne 1100AR
 1x Minix MR-55A
 1x Motorola R220
 2x National HRO-50 
 4x Natural Radio receivers
 1x Nimbus 138 Wxsat receiver
 1x Norlin SR2152
 4x Panasonic DR49
 1x Panasonic DRQ69
 1x Panasonic RFB65 
 1x Panasonic RF2200
 1x Panasonic RF3100
 1x Panasonic RF4800
 1x Panasonic RF4900
 1x Panasonic RFB45
 1x Philips D-2999
 2x Plessey PR2250
 1x Racal MA 1430
 1x Racal RA 117
 8x Racal RA 17 (E,L)
 8x Racal RA 1792
 3x Racal RA 1792
 1x Racal RA 1795
 1x Racal RA 17C13
 1x Racal RA 3791
 1x Racal RA 3791
 1x Racal RA 6778C
 7x Racal RA 6790
 2x Racal RA 6793A
 2x Radio Shack 1000 Channel Scanner
 1x Radio Shack DX 160
 1x Radio Shack DX 200
 1x Radio Shack DX 380 
 8x Radio Shack DX 390
 2x Radio Shack DX 392
 1x Radio Shack DX 393
10x Radio Shack DX 394
 1x Radio Shack DX 398
 2x Radio Shack DX 400
13x Radio Shack DX 440
 3x Radio Shack PRO 2004
 2x Radio Shack PRO 2005
 6x Radio Shack PRO 2006
 1x Radio Shack PRO 2021
 1x Radio Shack PRO 2035
 1x Radio Shack PRO 2036
 2x Radio Shack PRO 2052
 1x Radio Shack PRO 34
 2x Radio Shack PRO 43
 1x Radio Shack PRO 44
 1X Radio Shack PRO 51
 1x Radio Shack PRO 90 
 1x Ramsey SR-1
 2x RCA AR-88
 1x RCA SRR-11
 1x Redifon R146
 1x Redifon R408
 1x Regency M100
 1x Regency M400
 1x Regency MX7000
 1x RFT SEG 15D (Former GDR, equipment for NVA, Transceiver) 
 1x Rig-l RX2
 1x Roberts R861-HF portable
 2x Rockwell Collins HF8050A
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EK 47
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EK 71
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EK 890
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EK 895
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EKD 100
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EKD 300
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EKD 300
 1x Rohde & Schwarz EKD 514
 1x Russian R326
 1x Sailor 46-T
 1x Sangean ATS 103
 7x Sangean ATS 803A
 4x Sangean ATS 818
 4x Sangean ATS 909
 1x SBE Optiscan
 1x SBE Sentinel I
 1x Siemens D2008
 1x Siemens E310
 1x Siemens RK-661
 2x Skanti 5001
 1x Skanti TRP7000
 1x Sommerkamp SRG 8799
 1x Sony Air 7
 1x Sony HISCAN
14x Sony ICF 2001 (D)
25x Sony ICF 2010
 1x Sony ICF 6700W
 1x Sony ICF 6800W
12x Sony ICF 7600 (SW,D,G)
 1x Sony ICF Pro80
 4x Sony ICF SW55
 4x Sony ICF SW77
 1x Sportcat 150
 1x SPT SR102
 1x SRT CR91
 1x Standard C
 2x Standard AX-700 (E)
 1x Swan Astro-150A
 1x SWM Navtex Rx (Homebrew)
 1x Telefunken E127
 1x Telefunken E1501
 1x Telefunken E748
 1x Telefunken ELK-639
 5x Ten Tec RX-320
 2x Ten Tec RX-340
 1x Ten-Tec Paragon
 1x TMC STR-5
 1x Tono 3
 1x Transworld TW7000
 2x Trio 9R59DS
 1x Trio JR-599
 1x Uniden Bearcat BC200
 1x Uniden Bearcat BC2500XLT
 2x Uniden Bearcat BC3000XLT
 1x Uniden Bearcat BC312N
 1x Uniden Bearcat BC780XLT
 2x Uniden Bearcat BC895XLT
 2x Uniden Bearcat BC9000XLT
 1x Uniden Bearcat BC895
 1x Uniden CR2001
 1x Uniden CR2021
 1x Vanguard WEPIX 2000-B
 1x W&G SPM-3
 1x Watkin & Johnson 8617
 1x Watkin & Johnson 8711
 1x Watkin & Johnson 8716
 5x Watkin & Johnson HF1000
 6x Winradio 1550i
 9x Yaesu FRG 100
10x Yaesu FRG 7
15x Yaesu FRG 7700 
 5x Yaesu FRG 8800
 5x Yaesu FRG 9600
 1x Yaesu FT 100
 1x Yaesu FT 101EX
 1x Yaesu FT 200
 1x Yaesu FT 575GX
 2x Yaesu FT 650
 1x Yaesu FT 707TX
 2x Yaesu FT 757GX (II)
 1x Yaesu FT 757SX
 1x Yaesu FT 767
 2x Yaesu FT 767GX
 1x Yaesu FT 817
 1x Yaesu FT 840
 2x Yaesu FT 847
 1x Yaesu FT 847 
 1x Yaesu FT 920
 1x Yaesu FT 990FT
 1x Yaesu RX 500
 1x Yaesu VR 120
 1x Yaesu VR 500
 2x Yaesu VR 5000
 2x Yeasu FT 1000
 8x Yupiteru MVT 7100 
 1x Yupiteru MVT 9000 
 1x Yupiteru VT 125
 1x Zenith Transoceanic



 1x AEA DSP 1232
 6x AEA DSP 2232
10x AEA FAX (I, II, III)
32x AEA PK-232 (MBX)
 1x AEA PK900
 2x Airnav ACARS decoder
 1x Apple IIe
 1x Baycomm
 2x BayPac BP-2M modem
 1x BMK-Multy
 3x Bonito RadioCom 
 1x Conrad RDS-Decoder 
 1x CWave
 7x CWGet
 1x Datong FL3
 3x Digipan
 4x ERA Microreader
 1x FaxCap
 1x FED-STD-1045
 1x GP v1.61B
 1x HAL DXP-38
 1x HAL PCI3000
 1x HAL PCI4000/M
62x HamComm
 5x HamScope
 5x HF Fax
57x HOKA Code 3 (Standard, Gold, Pro)
16x HOKA Code 30
 3x HOKA Code 300
 1x HOKA Code 332
 9x Homebrew decoders: CW/RTTY/Navtex/Fax
 1x Homebrew RTTY EUROPA (Atari130)
 1x Homebrew RTTY,FAX and SITOR decoders for Atari ST
 1x HPL041 Interface
 1x ICS Fax1
 2x IZ8BLY Hellschreiber
 2x IZ8BLY MT63
 2x IZ8BLY Stream
85x JVFax and JVComm32
 2x Kantronics 9612+
12x Kantronics KAM (Extended, Plus, UTU)
 1x KDK SatCom
 2x Kenwood TS 450 (TS450SAT)
 2x Lowe Modemaster 
 1x M605 FDM demodulator
 1x Maplin TU-1000
 1x MeteoScan
 6x MFJ 1278 (B,T)
 2x MFJ 462B Multi-Reader 
 7x MixW
 1x MK-DYMEK 33C
 1x MPC-1000R
 1x MoTron DTMF-Decoder
 7x MScan Pro
 2x MSFax
 1x MSoft ScanMate (for Amiga)
 1x MTC029 (dedicated, special made)
 1x MultiMode for Macintosh (Blackcat)
 2x OFS WeatherFax V6
 1x PacComm PacTOR controller
 4x PC Packratt
15x PC-ALE 
 5x PC-SWL
 1x Pervisell
 2x PSK31 software
 1x Pocom AFR-2010
 1x POCSAG32
 1x PosFix
 6x RadioComm
38x Radioraft
 1x SB32AWE
 1x Scanstar Plus
 1x SCS-PTC2
 1x Seatty
 3x SkySweeper
 1x SkyView Fax
 1x Software Systems Consulting HFF
 1x Syneur
 2x Telereader
 2x Tono 350
 1x Tono 550
 1x Tono 7000
 1x Tono Theta 5000
 1x Tono Theta 777
 6x TrueTTY
 2x Universal M1000
 8x Universal M1200
 2x Universal M200E
 5x Universal M400
 1x Universal M450
 6x Universal M600
 6x Universal M6000
26x Universal M7000
14x Universal M8000
 1x Universal M900
 5x Wavecom 4010
 1x Wavecom 4050 DSP
 1x Wavecom 4100
 5x Wavecom W40PC
 2x Wavecom W41PC
 1x WdeCode
 3x Wefax
 1x Wetware (CW)
 1x WinFLX
 1x WinPSK
 1x Wintone 2.02
 1x Winwarbler
 2x WX-SAT
 1x XPerta
 1x Zorns Lemma

Info-tech type "M" decoders are listed under Universal.

PC-HFDL is a brand new HF ACARS decoder that's being tested at 
the moment by dozens of WUNners.



Note: lengths are given in feet or meters.
      1 meter = ca. 3,33 ft

Homebrew antennae:
Active       : 4x
Active LF    : 5x
Beverage     : 2x
Dipole       : 26x
Discone      : 16x
Ground plane : 4x
Inverted L   : 4x (length varies from 20 to 160m)
Inverted V   : 5x
Log periodic : 3x
Longwire     : 47x (length varies from 5 to 200m, some with balun)
Loop: for MW : 2x
Sloper       : 3x
Turnstile    : 5x
Vertical     : 15x
Yagi         : 3x

Other antennae:
 3x Airmaster VHF/UHF antenna
 1x Albrecht Hurricane 27
 2x Alpha Delta DX Ultra
 1x Alpha-Delta DX-CC dipole
 1x Alpha-Delta Slopers
 1x AOR SA7000
 1x AOR TW500
 1x ATL3 LF-MF loop
 1x Butterniuut HF6V
 1x Cushcraft 12 element 2 meter beam
 1x Cushcraft 2 element 40m beam at 100'
 1x Cushcraft AV-5 vertical
 1x Cushcraft R5
 2x Diamond V2000 (Tri Band)
 1x Diamond X50 (Dual band)
 1x Diamond D707 Active Antenna (AR5000 VHF/UHF)
 2x Datong Active Antenna AD-370
 2x Dressler ARA-2000
 4x Dressler ARA60 Active
 2x Eavesdropper
 2x FD4 Windom antenna 
 1x FSC Turnstile 137MHz
 1x FSC 250MHz MilSat Yagi
 1x FSC 2,4GHz GP
 1x FSC 2,4GHz Yagi
 1x FSC 2,4GHz Helix
 1x FSC Meteosat Yagi
 1x FSC Inmarsat Yagi
 8x G5RV dipole
 1x Gap DX IV160 20m Vertical via MFJ Versa Tuner II
 3x Grove Skywire 70' dipole
 1x Hustler 5-BTV
 1x Hygain 5 el 10m beam at 55ft
 1x Hygain TH6DX 6 el triband beams 90'66', 33', 48'
 1x KLM rotatable 40m Dipole at 55' 
 1x LF-400 active LF antenna
 1x Magnamounts (mobile) 2/220/440
 1x Marconi "T" for LF
 1x MFJ-1024 Attic Mounted 
 1x Mosley 40 - 10 6 el beam 60'
 1x Mosley triband beam wires
 1x NASA AA-30 Active Antenna
 1x Passmann Quad 6-30 MHz
 1x Passmann Tropical Dipole 60/90m
 1x QFH (Quadfilliar Helical) 137 MHz for weather sats
 1x Radio West Active Antenna
 2x RF Systems DX-1
 1x RF-Systems MK2 20m longwire with magnetic balun
 6x RF-Systems T2FD
 1x SA1001 vertical scanner antenna
 2x ScanStick VHF/UHF Active Antenna 
 1x Sirtel 900MHz GP
 3x SkyScan V1300 Discone
 1x Sony AN-LP1
 1x SSB Inmarsat Dish
 1x Stridsberg MC-102 with long random length inverted L antenna
 1x Telescopics various
 1x Thunderbird Beam
10x Wellbrook ALA1530
 1x Wellbrook ALA2000
 3x Wellbrook balun
 3x Yeasu FRA-7700 active antenna
 1x ZS Electroniques ZSRX vertical


 1x 2-level Data Slicer
 7x Antenna tuner (manufacturer unknown)
 1x AOR SDU-5500 Spectrum
 1x Argo
 4x Bell & Howell CMS2000B Cassette recorder
 1x Counter
 1x Custom software for WinRadio, SigInt and decoding
 1x Data slicer
 2x Datong FL2 external audio filter
 2x Datong FL3
 1x Datong PC1-HF to VHF converter
 1x Dierking GD82NF (Audio-Filter)
 2x DSP 599zx Filter
 2x DSP module installed in radio
 1x Foruno HF RDF radio
 1x Frewawin (WIN Channel monitor)
 1x Heathkit DF MR21-A 1x HP 141 Spectrum analyzer
 1x HP 100E 
 1x HP 3586A
 1x IFR spectrum analyser
 1x JPS ANC-4
 1x JPS NIR12
 1x JPS NRF-7 DSP Filter
 1x Kiwa 500 Khz Low Pas filter
 1x Kiwa BCB Rejection + Extension Filter
 2x Lowe PR 150 pre-selector
 1x Magnavox VCR as long-play recorder
 1x MFJ 1026 Noise cancel and phasing unit
 1x MFJ 784
 1x MFJ 784B Filter
 1x MFJ 956 tuner
 1x MFJ audio filter
 1x Nakamichi BX-125E Tapedeck for recording and analyzing
 3x Norlin Multi couplers
 1x Optoelectronics Scout 40
 1x Optoelectronics Mini Scout
 1x Optoelectronics Optolinx
 1x Optoelectronics MicroRF Detector
 1x Optoelectronics MicroCounter
 1x Palomar VLF converter
 1x Passive Antenna Tuner
 1x Plath HF RDF radio
 1x PTTsound3 computer card (eb3nc)
 1x R&S Antenna Splitter NV 14T
 1x Racal RA17L+LF converter
 1x Racal Store-4 Reel-Reel
 2x Raven Research Multi couplers
 1x RF Systems AD-4
 1x RF Systems SP-1
 1x Rybka-M (Russian RDF set)
 4x Scope
 1x SD345 Signal Analyzer
 1x Signal Generator
34x Soundcard
 1x Spectran
 3x Spectrogram
 2x Spectrum Lab
 1x SR5 spectrum analizer
 1x ST5MC Radio Modem
 1x Taiyo 338 HF RDF radio
 1x Tek 5111A
 1x Tektronix oscilloscope
 1x Timewave DSP-2232
 2x Timewave DSP-599zx
 1x Timewave ANC-4
 1x TRD-23 DF set
 1x VHT C1-Digital (Inversion Descrambler
 1x Waveview PC30
 2x Yaesu FRT-7700 antenna tuner



This is the original info supplied by WUN members. 

Receiver    ICOM R72a & Sony ICF 2010
Decoder     Universal M-400

Receiver    Kenwood TS830M, 2001D, W & G SPM-3
Decoder     JVFAX, Hamcomm

Receiver    Icom IC-R7000, Icom IC-756PRO, AOR  AR3000, AOR AR5000,
            AOR AR5000+3, Fairhaven RD500VX, Yaesu FT-100
Decoder     Timewave DSP-2232, Kantronics KAM
Antenna     SMC T2FD, G5RV dipole, Modified CB Vertical, 3 Double

Receiver    Icom R-8500 784
Decoder     Kantronics 9612+

Receiver    RadioShack DX390
Decoder     Hamcomm 3.0

Receiver    uniden cr-2021,realistic dx440

Receiver    Eddystone 1650/3, Racal RA6790/GM, AOR AR5000, AR8000,  
            Icom PCR 1000
Decoder     Code 3, Kantronic, soundblaster S/W
Antenna     50m Long wire, multiband dipoles, multiband G.Plane, 
            Multiband Yagi, vhf/uhf vertical colinear, vhf/uhf discone
Various     SR5 spectrum analizer, JPS NIR12

Receiver    NRD 535D, FRG9600, SW55, 150SPORTCAT
Decoder     HAMCOM3.1, HFFAX, PCSWL.

Receiver    Icom IC-R75, Yaesu FRG-8800, Sangean ATS-909, Yupiteru
            MVT 7100
Decoder     RadioRaft 3.21, JVFax 7.0 HPL041 Interface
Antenna     T2FD, Inverted V + MFJ 1045c

Receiver    Kenwood r-5000 and longwires

Receiver    Lowe HF150, Icom IC706MkIIG, Alinco DR150, Yupiteru MVT7100
Decoder     PC-ALE, Various RTTY, RadioRaft, WinFLX, SBRTTY, WACARS
Antenna     G5RV, quad-band Vertical "V" HF, 2mtr-70cm Colinear, 
            Wideband discone, 130ft random wire, 2x co-phased turnstile
            VHF, 5 Band HF Vertical

Receiver    Drake R4C, Panasonic RF4900
Decoder     AEA PK232

Receiver    Lowe HF-150
Decoder     ERA Microreader, also Hamcomm 3

Receiver    AOR 3030
Decoder     Code3, Hamcomm

Receiver    FRG 7700
Decoder     Various software on my 486 for various interface home-made

Receiver    Grundig Satellit 700
Decoder     JVFAX

Receiver    Icom R70
Decoder     Hoka Code 3

Receiver    Yeasu FRG-7.
Decoder     Jvfax, Baycom.

Receiver    R5000
Decoder     Universal M1200,  Radioraft

Receiver    Drake R8

Receiver    Lowe HF - 225 , Sony ICF SW7600
Decoder     JVFAX, Hamcomm

Receiver    SONY ICF-2001D
Decoder     SoundBlaster32 (WXSat,CwGet,BTL),Hamcomm decoder (Hamcomm)

Receiver    NRD 515
Decoder     M7000

Receiver    FRG 7700, FRG 9600, NRD 545, AOR 8200MkII
Decoder     Wavecom 4010, Code3, JVComm32, PC-ALE, MixW, Stream, MT63,
            Airnav ACARS, Hamscope, MMtty, Hellschreiber, Pocsag32,
            XPerta, PC-HFDL
Antenna     5mtr wire, ALA1530, SA1001 vertical, horizontal, LF400, 
            FRA7700, AOR TW500
Various     FRT7700 antenna tuner

Receiver    NRD 535 ICOM IC-PCR1000

Receiver    Lowe HF-225
Decoder     WDECODE, a program by Sim Yskes via a PC-soundblaster card.

Receiver    Kenwood R5000, Pro 2021, AR900, Z30
Decoder     RadioRaft

Receiver    R&S EK890, JRC NRD 525
Decoder     Hoka Code 3, Hoka Code 3G, Hoka Code 30, Tono Theta 5000
Antenna     Inv V , R&S electr

Receiver    NRD-535D, R7100, R7000, AR3000A, R70, Frg7
Decoder     Code3 pro, Universal M7000, Spectrogram, Waveview PC30

Receiver    NRD 535,  Icom R71
Decoder     Code30
Antenna     Inverted V wires

Receiver    icf 2010, DX 440, pro2036

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000
Decoder     HOKA Code 3

Receiver    R-390A, R-725, NRD 535D, R7100, R-388
Decoder     Code 3, PK232MBX
Antenna     75 & 40 Meter Dipoles 50', Mosley 40 - 10 6 el beam 60',
            Dressler ASA60 Active

Receiver    AR3000, National Panosonic DR49
Decoder     PC-ALE
Antenna     Skywire, Eavesdropper, Discone

Receiver    Icom R71E
Decoder     Universal M1200 Decoder Card

Receiver    NRD 525

Receiver    Pro-2006, Pro-43, Sony 2010 HF

Receiver    R-5000 (Kenwood), R-71A (Icom), Numerous vintage rigs,
            including Nationals, Hallicrafters, Yaesu, Howard
Antenna     Dipoles

Receiver    Kenwood TS-930S
Decoder     AEA PK-232 Decoder

Receiver    Kenwood TS 450S transceiver, Kenwood  TS 50S transceiver,
            Radio Shack DX392, DX398, DX393, 2 Radio Shack 1000 Channel
            Scanners, 8 Handheld 2 meter/ 220 & 440 Transceivers
Decoder     KAM Packet Decoder 2 meters
Antenna     500' Wire, Gap DX IV160-20 mtr Vertical via MFJ Versa Tuner
            II, 2x Diamond triband Vertical 2/220/440, 1 Cushcraft 12 
            element 2 meter beam, 20 Meter dipole via MFJ Versa Tuner,
            Outbacker 160-10 Meter, 2x 2/220/440 Magmounts (Mobile)

Receiver    Kenwood R-2000, Transworld TW7000 transceiver
Decoder     AEA DSP 2232, HAL PCI4000/M, SCS PACTOR-II, FED-STD-1045

Receiver    NRD-545, Kenwood TS570S, 2meter and 70cm Radio's
Decoder     Universal M-8000 v7, Radio Raft
Antenna     G5RV, Sloper, Cushcraft R5

Receiver    Kenwood TS 680 TX/RX,  IC R71A RX, AR2002 Scanner
Decoder     Universal M-8000 v5 decoder

Receiver    Icom IC-R72
Decoder     JVFAX,Hamcomm, BMK-Multy

Receiver    Icom R70, JRC NRD-535D, TenTec RX-320, Uniden BC895XLT
Antenna     Hustler 5-BTV, 70 ft. (21 meters), horizontal wire with
            MLB about 25 ft (7.5  meters) above ground. Also use 
            splitters to feed Receivers

Receiver    Ten Tec RX-340, AOR AR3030, Sat.800, Yaesu FT-817
Decoder     BayPac Multi Mode BP-2M, Radio Raft, AEA PK232/mbx, PC
            PAKRATT, WinPSK, Hamscope
Antenna     33 foot Off center Fed Dipoles, 70 foot Longwires, ARA 60
            Active antenna in attic, and a 68 foot Longwire Outdoors

Receiver    Icom R71A for HF, Icom R-7000 for VHF/UHF
Decoder     ultiMode for Macintosh,
Antenna     500 ft longwire, 43m 1/2 wave dipole, 60m 1/2 wave dipole,
            90m 1/2 wave dipole, VHF/UHF discone, VHF/UHF ground plane,
            QFH(Quadfilliar Helical) 137 MHz for weather sats

Receiver    ICOM IC-R71, ICOM ICR-1

Receiver    Icom R-10

Receiver    DX-394
Decoder     JVAX, Hamcomm

Receiver    R&S  EK 47,  Kenwood R5000
Decoder     Hamcomm 3.1, Radioraft, JVFAX

Receiver    Kenwood TS690S
Decoder     Kam Enhanced ver 8.0

Receiver    AR3030, NRD525, NRD515, ICR72, ITT2020
Decoder     JVFAX, PK232, TONO7000

Receiver    AR3000A, AR1000, SONY 2001D, SONY 7600

Receiver    NRD 535. Sony 2001
Decoder     Hoka 3  JV-Fax

Receiver    NRD 515, Racal RA17, R209
Decoder     self built Navtex, fax and RTTY decoders

Receiver    NRD525, R70, Racal RA17, Drake RR1, R5000, Telefunken E748
Decoder     Code3, Tono 350, Hamcomm, JVFax

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-7700
Decoder     HAMCOM, JVFAX, MAPLIN TU-1000

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-7, FRG-8800, ICOM R-71A, Sony ICF-7600G, several other
            scanner type Receiver s
Antenna     random length of wire (x2)

Receiver    Kenwood TS850-SAT
Decoder     No decoding equipment

Receiver    WinRadio 1500i, RS(Sangean) DX-390

Receiver    Icom IC-R71A, Sony ICF-2010
Decoder     AEA PK-232MBX, AEA FAX II

Receiver    JRC NRD-525, Icom R-7000, Bearcat BC9000-XLT

Receiver    JRC NRD-525, Inverted "L" 
Receiver    JRC NRD525, Drake R8
Decoder     Universal M7000-v7

Receiver    Sommerkamp SRG 8799, Sony ICF 7600 SW, Panasonic DRQ 69
Decoder     No decoder

Receiver    Lowe HF-150

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000, Harris RF-590, Hammarlund HQ-160
Decoder     AEA FAX

Receiver    Eddystone: 1650/2, 1650/6, EC958/7E, 1837, 990R, 1990R,
            830/7, 840A, 840C, 940, EC10, ORION, 1004, Racal: RA1792,
            RA1795, RA3791, RA6790/GM, 6793A, MACKAY MSR5050, 3021A,
            SRT CR91, NORLIN SR2152, HARRIS RF590A, LOWE HF235, NRD545,
            NRD345. Additional Receivers: Yaesu: FT847, VR5000, 
            FRG9600, W&J: 8711, 8716, 8617, AOR: 8200, AR5000, AR3030,
            Kenwood: TS570DGE, TM-V7E, Icom: IC-R8500, IC-T8E, 
            IC-PCR1000, SPT SR102, TRIO 9R59DE
Decoder     HOKA CODE3 GOLD

Receiver    AOR AR7030
Decoder     Homebrew RTTY,FAX and SITOR decoders for Atari ST

Receiver    Lowe HF-150 and Lowe PR-150 Pre-Selector
Decoder     Lowe Modemaster run with Lowe Radio Programme

Receiver    Kenwood R5000
Decoder     Hoka Code 3, JVFax & Hamcom3

Receiver    R-5000, TS-850SAT
Decoder     MFJ-1278B, PC HFFAX, PC SWL

Receiver    RS DX-440
Decoder     None

Receiver    Fairhaven RD500-HF/VHF/UHF, LoweHF225-HF, Roberts R861-HF 
Decoder     PC + software CWGET, SPECTRUM, DIGIPAN, MTTY
Antenna     ALA1530, ATL3 LF-MF loop,DATONG active+ various wire 
            aerials outside
Various     Datong FL3, MFJ 784, MFJ1026 Noise cancel and phasing unit,
            ATUs homebuilt, Datong PC1-HF to VHF converter, Palomar VLF

Receiver    Kenwood R5000, Halicrafter SX110, Hallicrafter SX111
Antenna     2  30ft end fed wires

Receiver    Racal RA17,IC R7000+hf board,Racal RA17L+SSB Adaptor, 
Decoder     Hoka Code 3, PK232MBX

Receiver    Yaesu FRG8800, 757, 726, BC200
Decoder     JVFAX

Receiver    Lowe HF225 and AOR3000
Decoder     PK232

Receiver    Sony SW7600G

Receiver    TS140s HF Transceiver
Decoder     Kantronics KAM, HamCom 3.1, JVFax

Receiver    JRC NRD-525, Drake R8, Icom R71A
Decoder     Info-Tech M-6000, Universal M-7000

Receiver    R8a, ICF
Decoder     None Listed

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000/Kenwood TS690V/Icom IC-R7000
Decoder     Hoka Code-3/Universal M-1200/Software Systems Consulting 

Receiver    JRC NRD545, JRC NRD535, Racal RA1792, Commtel COM307 (VHF
            h/held scanner)
Decoder     HOKA Code30A v1.3, Hamcom interface for: RadioRaft 3.2,
            JVFAX V.7, Soundcard interface supporting: PC-ALE, 
            JVcomm32, MScan Meteo Pro + others for r/amateur modes
Antenna     1. Longwire 45Metres with spurs - effectively 3/4wave
               endfed. Based on an idea from Monitoring Times few
               years ago. Cut for FIXED bands. Terminated with 
               Wellbrooke balun.
            2. T2FD. Wellbrooke balun.
            3. 110ft multiple element dipole.
            4. Multi-element sloper - effectively 1/4 wave endfed. 
               Wellbrooke balun.
            5. Wellbrooke ALA1530 loop.
            6. Vertical VHF dipole cut for various freqs in 
               maritime/aero bands.
            plus indeterminate length longwire in loft space.
Various     Datong FL2 external audio filter. Lowe PR150 preselector.

Receiver    Winradio 1500i, Kenwood R-2000, DX394, DX200, FRG-7, AOR 
            AR8200, Maycom 108
Decoder     Tono 550 comms terminal rtty/cw, Seatty, Radiocom 5, 
            Truetty, CWGet, Hamcom 3.1, MScan FAX
Antenna     G5RV, Longwire with vhf/uhf attachment(balun), SkyScan 
            discone, Telescopics 
Receiver    ICOM R71A
Decoder     Universal M-1200

Receiver    R-5000
Decoder     Code-3, HF-FAX, JV-FAX, HAMCOMM etc...

Receiver    Grundig Yacht Boy 400

Receiver    Collins HF-2050, ICOM 756PRO YAESU FT-1000MP Harris RF550
Decoder     MixW2, Infotech M-600
Antenna     4-30 mhz LOG PERIODIC at 92', many beverages and yagis 
            (13 towers, 80 acres)

Receiver    Drake SW-8, Grundig YB-400

Receiver    Kenwood TS-450
Decoder     PK232/PCPAKRATT

Receiver    Icom IC-R71A, Radio Shack DX-392, Radio Shack DX-440

Receiver    TS-870 / FT-757GXII / R-71A
Decoder     PK-232MBX

Receiver    NRD525

Receiver    Kenwood R5000
Decoder     Code 3, JVFax 7.1, Hamcomm 3.1, MScan 2.11G

Receiver    NRD-535D
Decoder     Hoka, Universal M-7000

Receiver    R-8, SW77, DX-400
Decoder     PK 232

Receiver    ICOM IC-R75, Radio Shack Pro-2052, AOR-3000A, Radio Shack 
Decoder     RadioRaft 3.21, PC-ALE, formerly used Universal M-7000
Antenna     Attic Mounted 42' Trapped Dipole, Attic Mounted MFJ-1024. 
            Remote Active 
Receiver    WJ HF-1000A, JRC NRD-545
Decoder     Universal M-8000 v7
Antenna     Numerous, incl Dipoles, Yagi, LPDA

Receiver    Icom PCR1000, Racal RA17e, Sony HISCAN
Decoder     RadioRaft, AEA FAX3

Receiver    HF100a, NRD 525, R8
Decoder     Hoka Code 3, Universal M7000v5

Receiver    ICOM PCR-1000, Sony ICF SW55
Decoder     Radiocom 5.1, MSScan, MSSTVV
Antenna     ALA1530, RF-Systems MK2 20 meter longwire with magnetic 
            balun, Alpha Delta DX Ultra, Sky Scan V1300 Discone, 
            Albrecht Hurricane 27
Various     Passive Antenna Tuner, Kiwa 500 Khz Low Pas filter, Kiwa
            BCB Rejection + Extension Filter

Receiver    Drake SW 8, Sony ICF 2010, PRO 2006.
Decoder     Scanstar Plus

Receiver    Drake R8

Receiver    Icom R-70 Kenwood R-2000

Receiver    IC-756Pro, IC-R8500, IC-R75, R&S EK071
Decoder     PTC-2, PTC-2pro, various Software
Antenna     LW, Vertical, Loop

Receiver    IC-725, R-1000
Decoder     JVFAX, HAMCOMM

Receiver    IC-725, R-71A
Decoder     KAM-Plus, JVFAX, Hamcomm

Receiver    Kenwood TS430S, Sony PC Control WaveHawk, Realistic Pro 43
            Hyperscan,  ICOM IC R2
Decoder     HOKA Code 3 Pro, M7000, MixW2, PK900/PKTerm99
Antenna     3 wavelength balanced long-wires for  12 MHz and for 21Mhz
Various     DSP Timewave 599zx   (excellent excellent peripheral)

Receiver    ICOM R71A

Receiver    Kenwood R-600

Receiver    NRD535D and Grove TUN-4
Decoder     Universal M-7000

Receiver    sony
Decoder     Bonito 4.0

Receiver    NRD 545
Antenna     ALA1530p

Receiver    JRC NRD-535, Icom IC-R71, Kneisner+Doering KWZ30
Decoder     Wavecom W41PC, Hoka Code 3
Antenna     Long wires (different lengths)

Receiver    Icom IC-735, Dipoles
Decoder     no decoders, so monitoring CW and SSB only

Receiver    Icom IC R70, Sony ICF-sw77, Sony ICF-sw7600G
Decoder     M-1000 Card,WACARS 07
Antenna     Copper Gutter, Discone for uhf

Receiver    Kenwood R5000
Decoder     TONO 350, JVFAX, Code3

Receiver    Canada P7E 4J9
Decoder     Kenwood TS 450

Receiver    Icom R9000, PCR100
Decoder     M8000v7

Receiver    Sony ICF-2010

Receiver    Motorola Built R390A Sangean 803A

Receiver    Icom 735

Receiver    Icom R-8500, AOR Ar-8000
Decoder     Hamcomm

Receiver    AR7030, Fairhaven RD500VX
Decoder     MScan
Antenna     Random long wire in loft

Receiver    Ten Tec RX320, 3 x WinRadio 3700e, Yaesu FT767GX, AOR 
            AR8200MkII, AOR AR5000+3, AOR JT7000
Decoder     Wavecom WP40PC, Radio Raft, Hoka Gold Pro, MixW, Digital 
            Suite & FSK suite, Trunking Option
Antenna     AOR Sa7000, 4 discone in phased array, Dresler ARA2000LL
Various     Custom software for WinRadio, SigInt and decoding. Many 
            amateur radio applications. Tektronix oscilloscope and IFR
            spectrum analyser

Receiver    WJ HF-1000; ICOM R-9000
Decoder     Universal M-8000

Receiver    ICOM IC-R75

Receiver    Kenwood ts-440s
Decoder     pk-232, jvfax

Receiver : ICOM R71E and Sony 7600G
Decoder     ERA microreader

Receiver    TRP7000, R+S EK895, ICOM IC775DSP, ICOM R71A
Decoder     SKANTI

Receiver    RA-17, SP-600, 51-J4, ICF-2010
Decoder     M-600, Hamcomm

Receiver    JRC NRD-525, Icom R7000
Decoder     Apple IIe

Receiver    AOR AR-3030
Decoder     simple comparator interface, JVFAX & HAMCOMM

Receiver    Icom R71A

Receiver    JRC NRD-545, Fairhaven RD500VX, ICOM R9000, ICOM IC781, 
            Heathkit HR1680, AOR AR8600
Decoder     Hoka Code3 Gold, RadioRaft 3.2, Bonito RadioCom 4 / 5.1, 
            Bonito Board Terminal, Universal M-7000
Antenna     10m wire with RF Systems Balun, Wellbrook ALA1530, Passmann
            Quad 6-30 MHz, Passmann Tropical Dipol 60/90m, several 
            longwire antennas (150-350m) only when mobile
Various     Preselector: Lowe PR 150. Antenna Distributors: RF Systems 
            SP-1, RF Systems AD-4

Receiver    Sony ICF-2001, DX-160, Hallicrafters S-40B, Ramsey SR-1

Receiver    Icom R71A + sony 2001
Decoder     Telereader

Receiver    Drake R8B, Ten-Tec RX320, Ten-Tec RX340, AOR AR5000+3, Sony
Decoder     Universal M-8000, Hoka Code 3 Gold Professional
Antenna     Sony AN-LP1, Grove 'Skywire' 70' dipole, Alpha Delta DX 
            Ultra, Radio West Active 
Various     Timewave DSP-599zx; Timewave ANC-4; AOR SDU-5500 Spectrum
            Display Unit; AVCOM-RAMSEY SDM-42B Spectrum Display 
            Monitor; MFJ-959B Antenna Tuner/Preamp; AlphaDelta VRC 
            Speaker: Grove SP-200 Speaker

Receiver    Sony ICF 2001D, AR 7030
Decoder     Hamcom 3.1, RadioRaft3.2, Wavecom W40PC V5.2.00
Antenna     ALA 2000

Receiver    Kenwood TS-440A

Receiver    RA6790, R390A, R-1000
Decoder     Wetware (for CW)

Receiver    Sony ICF-2010, Uniden BC-3000

Receiver    YAESU FRG-8800
Decoder     HOKA CODE3

Receiver    Lowe HF150, Sony ICF7600
Decoder     Hamcomm,JVfax

Receiver    Kenwood r-5000
Decoder     HOKA Code3, SkyviewFax, Multiscan.

Receiver    Kenwood R1000, E127, 745E310, Collins 75S
Decoder     PK232

Receiver    Icom R71  Icom R7100  Radio Shack DX390
Decoder     manual cw

Receiver    AOR3030 with a DX7 Gold Decoder, HOKA code3

Receiver    JRC NRD-535D, NASA HF-4E, NASA HF-4E, BC 342 (WWII), 
            Kenwood R1000, Drake SPR-4, Trio JR-599, Sangean ATS-909,
            Siemens RK-661 (Sangean), AOR AR5000, AOR SDU-5000, AOR 
            AR3000a, AOR AR8200, Yaesu FRG-9600 - SW-Converter 
            100kHz-60MHz Kenwood RZ-1, Standard AX-700, Standard 
            AX-700E, Yupiteru MVT-9000, FDK ATC-720, SkyVoice, Commtel
            COM207, Fairmate HP-100
Decoder     Wavecom W41PC, MFJ-462B Multi-Reader (HF-4E), Conrad 
            RDS-Decoder, MoTron DTMF-Decoder, Hoka Code 3 Gold, 
            SkySweeper, ScanControl 2
Antenna     20m Longwire, Dressler ARA60, 10m Longwire (2x), Small 
            Discone, NASA AA-30 Active Antenna, Diamond D-707 Active 
            Antenna, Large Discone (2x), LogPer 80MHz-1200MHz, 
            Broadband-Dipole 30MHz-1000MHz, ScanStick VHF/UHF Active 
            Antenna2, Sirtel 900MHz GP, FSC Turnstile 137MHz, FSC 
            250MHz MilSat Yagi, FSC 2,4GHz GP, FSC 2,4GHz Yagi, FSC 
            2,4GHz Helix, FSC Meteosat Yagi, FSC Inmarsat Yagi, SSB 
            Inmarsat Dish
Various     Dierking GD82NF (Audio-Filter - JRC), Yaesu FRT-7700,
            Optoelectronics Scout 40, Optoelectronics Mini Scout,
            Optoelectronics Optolinx, Optoelectronics MicroRF Detector,
            Optoelectronics MicroCounter, VHT C1-Digital

Receiver    JRC NRD-545, Drake R-4B with outboard wideband synthesizer,
            Sony 2010, Sangean ATS-803A, Hallicrafters SX-62A, GE 
            Superradio II, VHF DX cluster Receiver 
Decoder     PC-ALE, WACARS, KRACARS, JVCOMM, PSK31, Hamscope, Digipan, 
            Stream, MixW, TrueTTY, CWGet, MT63, Hellschreiber, 
            Radioraft, at least 10 others
Antenna     Wires
Various     Scope, several audio processors, laptop computer, antenna 
            tuner, preamp, various switching arrangements

Receiver    Sony 7600D, Realistic DX-440, Grundig Satellit 2100, Sony 
            2001, Itachi KH-WS1, Radio Shack Pro-90 Scanner
Antenna     Random wires
Various     SoundBlaster, Home made data slicer

Receiver    ICOM 72A, Sony 6800W & Sangean ATS803A
Decoder     Wavecom 4010 & Universal M400

Receiver    AR3000-A,AR8000,PRO2005,NRD525(use scancat gold with 
Decoder     JVFAX-7,ERA Micro-reader,Hamcom30

Receiver    AOR 3000A, AOR7030 (With FPU7030 & NB7030 options also 
            fitted with 1.0kHz, Murata ceramic data filter & 3.0kHz 
            Murata ceramic filter as well as standard ones), AOR 8000, 
            Kenwood TM-741E/Yaesu FT690II, FT290Mk I
Decoder     RadioRaft, SkySweeper 2.4, MMTTY,HammComm
Antenna     60' Long Wire fed via MLB with Earth Stake, Diamond V2000 
            (Tri Band), Diamond X50 (Dual band). Turnstile On roof (WX

Receiver    Katran R-399
Decoder     JVFAX

Receiver    AOR AR8000

Receiver    Kenwood TS-440S, Realistic DX440
Decoder     Brain (CW), JVFAX, HAMCOM

Receiver    Drake R-8

Receiver    NRD-535D, AR-3000A, Vanguard WEPIX 2000-B
Decoder     Universal M-1200, OFS WeatherFax V6

Receiver    Icom IC-R75, IC-R8500
Decoder     AEA DSP-1232

Receiver    Drake R8
Decoder     HOKA

Receiver    HF-1000, R-3030, R-7, TS-940
Decoder     DSP-2232, PK-232, Fax III, MPC-1000R

Receiver    Watkins Johnson HF-1000, Cubic R-3030, Racal 6790/GM, 
            Kenwood TS940 (transceiver), Kenwood TS870 (transceiver), 
            Drake R7, Collins R-390A, Lowe HF150
Decoder     HAL DXP-38, AEA PK232, AEA DSP2232
Antenna     M2 Log Periodic 7-30 MHz at 30 meters, Inverted Vee at 20 
            meters for 3.5 MHz, RF Systems DX-1, Dressler ARA-60

Receiver    NRD-535, AOR 3000A
Decoder     decoding kit for RTTY,CW only

Receiver    DX-440

Receiver    RA6790/GM, R-390A, HRO-50, SX42
Decoder     M7000

Receiver    NRD-535d, AR7030
Antenna     20 m longwire +MLB

Receiver    Lowe HF-225, Telefunken-ELK-639
Decoder     Hamcom, JVFAX

Receiver    ICOM 9000 ICOM 7000
Decoder     MK-DYMEK 33C M-7000 M-600a M-400 JVFAX70 PCMCIA card

Receiver    AOR 3000,Sony 2001D
Decoder     Code3, jvfax, hamcomm

Receiver    LOWE-HF225.
Decoder     CODE3, Hamcomm modem, JVFAX, HAMCOMM

Receiver    Yaesu FT-757GX

Receiver    Drake R8A, DX-394, DX-390
Decoder     AEA WEFAX III

Receiver    Drake R7 (Gilfer Mod),  Drake R8B, Ten-Tec RX320/GNRX320,
            Panasonic RFB-65, JPS NIR-12/ANC-4
Antenna     wires

Receiver    Drake R8, Grundig 700

Receiver    AOR  AR3030
Decoder     Hoka Code 3 V5

Receiver    Ten-Tec Paragon
Decoder     PK-232

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-7700

Receiver    DX 440

Receiver    JRC NRD545, Icom IC-R75, Icom IC-736, Yaesu FT847, SWM 
            Navtex Rx (Hombrew)
Decoder     Hoka Code30, Three Radio Raft, PK232
Antenna     Wellbrook ALA1530, 60m end-fed inverted V, 20m Doublet, 16m
            Doublet, 20m Folded Dipole, Long Wire
Various     Scopes, ATUs, FL3 Filter, DSP599zx Filter, MFJ784B Filter, 
            AR8200 & HP100E Scanners, DJ580 Handheld, ST5MC Radio 
            Modem, Counter, Signal Generator, Racal Store-4 Reel-Reel 

Receiver    Saegan ATS-818

Receiver    Yaesu FT-847 Icom IC-736
Decoder     Hoka-Code30 RadioRaft

Receiver    Yeasu FT-840 and Yaesu FRG-7

Receiver    Sangean ATS-803A (for now)

Receiver    ICOM 765, Kenwood TS-450SAT, Yaesu 7700,ICOM PCR-1000
Decoder     KAM All Mode, Radioraft, JVFAX, Airmaster, WACARS, Hamcom

Receiver    Sony ICF6700W,ATS803A
Decoder     PK232 and/or Hamcomm

Receiver    JRC NRD-535D, Standard CCR708A, AR8000

Receiver    Drake TR7, YachtBoy 400, PRO-2004, ICOM R2, RS PRO 43

Receiver    JRC NRD-525G

Receiver    ICOM IC-R8500, Yupiteru MVT 7100
Decoder     Airmaster
Antenna     Wires

Receiver    IC-756PRO, R-390A
Decoder     radioraft
Antenna     Vertical

Receiver    Lowe HF150

Receiver    HQ170,HQ180,IC735,ICF2010

Receiver    ICOM IC728, Racal RA-17
Decoder     PK-232

Receiver    Sangean ATS-909
Decoder     WEFAX software

Receiver    Sangean ATS803A
Decoder     Jvfax, Hamcom

Receiver    dx-390
Decoder     areo, marine, USGF

Receiver    ICOM R75 DSP

Receiver    Icom IC-R9000   JRC NRD635D
Decoder     Universal M-8000 V.7

Receiver    YAESU FRG-7700, YAESU FRG-9600 + FC-60PR  REFCOM 
            Converter, Sony ICF-2001D, MINIX MR-55A, YAESU FT-767GX,
            YAESU FT-101EX Line, some scanners
Decoder     Radiocom 4.0, Radiocom 5.0, Wacars, Hamcom 3.1, JVCOM32,
Antenna     FD4 Windom antenna with 2 way-splitter, Discone DSC-8 with 
            4 way ANZAC splitter, YAESU FRG-7700 Active antennae, 27 
            Mhz Vertical Sirtel S-2000
Various     Frewawin (WIN Channel monitor)

Receiver    Kenwood R2000
Decoder     JVFAX 7.0, Hamcom 3.0, 486DX-2 66 MHz

Receiver    Kenwood R5000
Decoder     Hamcom, JVFax, Hoka code3, done by laptop Digital 425SLC/e

Receiver    FRG100
Decoder     RTTY EUROPA (Atari130) self-made interface

Receiver    NRD-525, PRO2006
Decoder     HOKA, JVFAX, HAMCOMM, dedicated MTC029 (special made)
Antenna     T2FD

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-100, Pro44, 30' LWB
Decoder     JVFAX, HAMMCOM

Receiver    Uniden CR2001

Receiver    DX-440, Icom-730
Decoder     Packet

Receiver    Sony 2010
Decoder     M-400 Multimode Decoder

Receiver    Drake R8
Decoder     Kantronics Universal Terminal Unit (UTU)

Receiver    Sony 2001D
Decoder     Hamcom, Jvfax,Airmaster

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-100, Icom PCR-1000,  Realistic DX-394
Decoder     RadioRaft, JVComm32

Receiver    Icom R72, Icom R75, homemades
Decoder     homemades, PC-ALE, jvcomm32, TrueTTY
Antenna     R&S HE-011, ALA1530, homemade LF loop

Receiver    FRG100, 20m wire
Decoder     RadioRaft

Receiver    Yatch Boy 400, Sony 7600G, 2001D

Receiver    NRD-525G, Plessey PR-2250B, EKD-300, Telefunken E-1501, 
            Collins  651S-1, Collins 51J4, Collins R-390A/URR, 
            Hammarlund HQ-170, NRD-61A, Collins 51S-1, Drake R4C (for
            CW). Next month I get a Rhode & Schwarz EK-056 Receiver 
Decoder     Telereader CWR-685E, Pocomtor AFR-2010, Modem for 
            Radio-Raft. RadioRaft, Zorns Lemma, Winwarbler, MixW 2.02,
            MScan Meteo, Fax/RTTY/SSTV and a lot of other software 
            decoders for PSK31
Antenna     LWire 20 m - 10m high, Datong Active Antenna AD-370
Various     JPS NRF-7 DSP Filter, Datong FL-2 Filter, R&S Antenna 
            Splitter NV 14T

Receiver    AOR AR7030, Collins HF-2050

Receiver    AOR AR-7030, Collins HF-2050, Drake R7A

Receiver    Kenwood TS450SAT
Decoder     mainly 'my head' for CW +backup MRP372 CW decoder and 

Receiver    R-71, N-860, ICF2010
Decoder     M-600

Receiver    icom R71E, icom 735
Decoder     Wawecom 4010, AEA PK900

Receiver    NRD 535D
Decoder     Hoka Code30, JVFAX with Martelec interface

Receiver    Collins R-390, Sony ICF-2010
Decoder     JVFAX 7.0, HAMCOMM 3.0

Receiver    Drake R8, ICOM R7100, ICOM R1
Decoder     Universal M-1200 Decoder Card

Receiver    Radio Shack DX-440

Receiver    2xJRC NRD-525, IC-746, R-7000
Decoder     W40PC, CODE30, M-8000, M-7000, M-1000
Antenna     Alpha-Delta Slopers, 80m full wave dipole, LF active 

Receiver    ICOM R71, -R7100, Eddystone
Decoder     HOKA CODE3, MFJ

Receiver    JRC nrd-525  Kenwood ts-850 philips d-2999
Decoder     hoka code-3  wavecom w-4010

Receiver    Icom R71A and Sony ICF-2010
Decoder     JVFAX and HAMCOM interfaces

Receiver    Icom R-75, AOR AR7030+
Decoder     Wellbrook ALA1530, Maynard ATL-3

Receiver    Skanti 5001, RF505A, R-71a; NRD-515; TMC STR-5; Scientific
Decoder     M7000, M6000, M-200E

Receiver    Skanti 5001, RA-6790, HQ-180, Microdyne 1100AR, Dancom 
            R-203, GEC BRT400, Electronav EN-R2, Eddystone 880-2
Decoder     AEA (SITOR), InfoTech 200 (CW & ANSI)
Antenna     DX-1 Pro
Various     3 HF RDF radios: Taiyo 338, Foruno, and  Plath

Receiver    WiNRADiO, WR-1500e, Yaesu FRG-7
            AIRNAV 3.1
Antenna     Remote Tuned Whip for HF Discone for VHF-UHF

Receiver    Collins R-390A/URR, Collins R-392/URR, Collins 651S1, 2x 
            Rockwell Collins HF8050A, Motorola R220, Sony ICF2010, 
            Russian R326, Racal 1792, Drake R4B, Drake R4C, Drake 
            2C+2CQ, Drake SPR4, TMC GPR90RX, HP 3586A, RCA AR88, 
            National HRO-TA5
Decoder     Hoka Code3, Radioraft, Hamcom
Antenna     Vertical active home made, dipoles, wires, Marconi "T" for
            LF, active home made loop
Various     Timewave DSP-599zx; Timewave ANC-4; AOR SDU-5500 Spectrum, 
            Racal RA17L+LF converter

Receiver    Rhode & Schwarz EK071, JRC NRD-535, Icom R-70
Decoder     Hoka Code3 Gold - Professional, RadioRaft, Meteoscan Fax, 
Antenna     40 meters Random Wire + MLB by RF Systems, 30mtr T2FD - 
            home made 1/2 G5RV (15 m), home made Discone
Various     Spectrum Analyzer: Spectran, Argo, Spectrum Lab. 2 DSP 
            filters, Timewave 599zx.  R.F. Limiter / Receiver, 
            Protector antenna and active antenna splitter by I.C.E. 
            LTD. Six Position Antenna Switch. MFJ-1701. Tuner MFJ-901B

Receiver    Sony SW-7600

Receiver    Drake R8, Sangean ATS-803a
Decoder     PK-232 MBX, PC Pakratt II

Receiver    Icom R8500
Decoder     Wavecom 4050 DSP

Receiver    Sony 2010   Yupiteru 7100

Receiver    Kenwood R-1000 BearCat BC2500XLT
Decoder     AEA PK232 JVFAX

Receiver    Kenwood R-2000, Panasonic RF-B45
Decoder     Hoka Code-3

Receiver    JRC NRD-545
Decoder     HOKA Code-3 Gold

Receiver    JRC NRD525G, NRD535DG, NRD545DSP, Icom R7000,  Yaesu FT650,
            some scanners
Decoder     Radiocom 5.1, Code3 Gold 1.5, Wintone 2.02
Antenna     FD4 Windom antenna with 4 way-splitter, Discone D130 with 
            4 way splitter, 27 Mhz Vertical Blizzard 2700
Various     Nakamichi BX-125E Tapedeck for recording and analyzing

Receiver    Winradio 1500,  Icom IC R7100, various uniden/radio shack 
Decoder     MMTTY and Hamscope
Antenna     VHF/UHF beam, non resonating long wire, discone, 10/20/40 
            meter vertical antennas

Receiver    Kenwood 9R59DS

Receiver    AOR300A

Receiver    Kenwood TS-2000
Decoder     Hamscope, MMTTY
Antenna     Alpha-Delta DX-CC dipole

Receiver    ICOM R71E, ICOM R7000, YAESU FRG 7000 , Kenwood KT1100, 
            TONO 3

Receiver    SRR-11, R-390A, S-120, ATS-818, BC3000XLT
Decoder     JVFAX

Receiver    Kenwood  R-2000, Racal RA-6790, AOR AR-7030 (soon)
Decoder     ERA Microreader

Receiver    ICOM 720

Receiver    AOR AR-7030
Decoder     Hoka Code30

Receiver    Drake R-8, RX-320, PCR-1000
Decoder     Code332, Code3Gold, PC-ALE, MScan Pro
Antenna     75' random wire

Receiver    YAESU FRG7000

Receiver    JRC NRD535, AOR AR3000a
Decoder     Hoka Code 30, Hoka Code 3

Receiver    Racal RA-6793A, JRC NRD-93, Harris RF-590
Decoder     M-8000, ST-8000, HOKA code 3, Wavecom W-4010

Receiver    Radio Shack DX-394

Receiver    Drake SW8,Yupitera mvt7100

Receiver    HF-225, Eddystone 730/4, Eddystone S640, AR1500 wideband, 
Decoder     RadioRaft,JVfax,Wacars,HamComm,ModeMaster.

Receiver    Winradio 1550i
Decoder     mmtty, JCcomm32, WX-Sat

Receiver    IC 756 pro, Yeasu ft-1000, Kenwood 930, Kenwood 940, 
            IC R-71A, Yeasu FRG-7, Zenith Transoceanic
Decoder     Hal Pci 3000, PK232, Kam k6sti software
Antenna     4x Hygain th6dx 6el triband beams 90'66', 33', 48'. KLM
            rotatable 40 mtr Dipole at 55' 2el cushcraft 40 mtr beam
            at 100', 160 mtr inverted L, 80 mtr dipole at 80ft, 30 mtr
            dipole at 40ft, 6 bev ants, 5el hygain 10 mtr beam at 55ft,
            G5RV at 45ft

Receiver    Icom R72
Decoder     MFJ 1278, JVFAX/HAMCOMM

Receiver    NRD5353D, Sony ICF7600DS portable
Decoder     M1000, HOKA GOLD, WXSAT 2.2

Receiver    Icom IC751 Sony ICF 2001D (
Decoder     Jvfax 7.0/Hamcomm 4.3, PacComm PacTOR controller, MFJ1278T

Receiver    Icom IC-R71E, IC-R75, IC-R9OOO
Decoder     Universal M7000, M8000, Radioraft V3
Antenna     7 MHZ & 18 MHZ dipoles

Receiver    NRD-535D, Racal RA.17-C13, Sony 2010

Receiver    Trio 9R59DS
Decoder     JVFAX

Receiver    Racal RA1792, Racal MA1430 DF system  5-30Mhz
Decoder     Hoka Code30  3off

Receiver    Yaesu FRG 7700, Yupiteru MVT 7100
Decoder     Kracars Software

Receiver    NASA HS3P, Yaesu FT575GX, Icom PCR1000, Rig-l RX2
Antenna     Scanstick, 4 element beam, G5RV, Turnstile

Receiver    Sangean ATS-818, AOR AR-8000, Pro-2004
Decoder     Hamcomm, PK-232

Receiver    Kosice(city), Slovakia
Decoder     Sony ICF7600G, czech army lamp Receiver 

Receiver    Panasonic DR49, Racal RA17, Collins R-390A/URR, BC312N
Decoder     Code3, Hamcom, selfmade RTTY/CW decoder

Receiver    Lowe HF-150
Decoder     Radioraft
Antenna     20 longwire + Magnetic Longwire Balun. T2FD of 10 meters

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-100

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000
Decoder     Universal M-8000

Receiver    Icom R72, Icom R7100, AOR1500
Decoder     Hoka Code3,Jvfax,Hamcom

Receiver    Icom IC-745, DX-390
Decoder     HAMCOMxx, JVFAXxx, PKTMON

Receiver    AOR 7030, Icom PCR1000, AOR 8000
Decoder     Radioraft, PC-ALE
Antenna     300ft longwire, g5rv, 10m vertical

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000
Decoder     AEA PK-232MBX

Receiver    Radio Shack DX-394, DX-440, Heath GR-54
Decoder     KAM All-Mode, JVFAX
Antenna     Several Dipole antennaes for various freqs, Butterniuut
            HF6V, Random length longwire

Receiver    DX 440, HALLICRAFTERS S-53A

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-100
Decoder     Hamcomm3.1, JVFAX7.0

Receiver    Swan Astro-150A

Receiver    ICOM R71E, ICOMR8500, AOR8000
Antenna     9 Metre Long Wire

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-7000
Decoder     JVFAX, HAMCOM

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000

Receiver    AOR AR5000/JRC NRD545/AOR AR8000
Decoder     Hoka Code 3 Gold professional

Receiver    RA1792, HF225
Decoder     M7000, Code-3 Gold, JVComm32

Receiver    Kenwood R-2000, Sony ICF-7600d
Decoder     HAMCOM,JVFAX,

Receiver    ICOM IC765

Receiver    RA1772, SW-55, PRO-2005, NIMBUS-138 Wxsat. Receiver 
Decoder     GODE3-GOLD, JVFAX 7.1, GP v1.61B, HAMCOM 3.1

Receiver    RFT EKD 300 and EKD 100
Decoder     MSoft ScanMate (for Amiga), various fax machines, PK-232

Receiver    Icom-725
Antenna     long wire, 2 Inv. V, 2-HORZ., 1 Thunderbird Beam

Receiver    Drake R-8, Lowe HF-150

Receiver    Drake SW8B; AR8000
Decoder     Universal M450

Receiver    Drake R-8A
Decoder     HOKA CODE 3

Receiver    FRG7700 AR7030 MVT7100
Decoder     JVFax

Receiver    Icom R75, R71, R72
Decoder     Hoka Code 3, M1000
Antenna     Various long wires

Receiver    FT1000MP
Decoder     SB32AWE
Antenna     Horizontal dipoles

Receiver    Drake R8, R390A, RCA AR88, Hammarlund SP600
Decoder     Radioraft, Hoka code 3
Antenna     10 Meter vertical and dipoles
Various     DF set model TRD-23, HP 141 Spectrum analyzer

Receiver    IC-R8500 + IC-R71E
Decoder     W40 PC +  C3G + M7000 + PC-Ale
Antenna     25M long wire + ZSRX 11m vertical

Receiver    ICOM-R71E, Kenwood RZ-1, Sony Air-7, JPS ANC-4
Decoder     Hoka Gold, Universal M7000Vs6.03

Receiver    JRC NRD-525

Receiver    NRD535D, R8, FRG100, R390A/URR WITH CV1758/URR SSB 
Decoder     M900vs2/M6000vs9.0

Receiver    Kenwood R-1000 and Kenwood R-5000
Antenna     3 x external long-wires and 2 x internal long wires

Receiver    JRC NRD 535
Decoder     Hoka Code30 - Jvfax 7.0

Receiver    Icom R70, Yaesu FT 707 TX
Decoder     Tono Theta 777, CPR Software

Receiver    FT-767 / R-7100
Decoder     M-6000

Receiver    AOR 3030, AOR3000, Panasonic DR-49
Decoder     HOKA3, PC-SWL, PC HF-FAX, Datong FL3,

Receiver    NRD-515, Sony-2010

Receiver    Icom R71A

Receiver    EKD514,FT990
Decoder     CODE30,CODE3

Receiver    ICF2010

Receiver    Sangean ATS 103

Receiver    Racal RA3791x1, Racal 1792x3, NRD535Dx1
Decoder     HOKA CODE300/30/3

Receiver    SW77
Decoder     UNIVERSAL M7000

Receiver    Grundig Yachtboy 400

Receiver    AOR 7030, Kenwood R-5000
Decoder     Hoka Code3 Gold, Radioraft
Antenna     60 mtr longwire + MLB RF System, loop for MW
Various     Tuner MFJ 956

Receiver    Kenwood R5000
Decoder     Universal M7000

Receiver    JRC NRD-545, Icom IC-R71E
Decoder     PC-ALE
Antenna     ALA-1530 Loop + Long Wires

Receiver    Racal RA6778C, IC-751A
Decoder     Universal M-7000 Ver 7.05, SD345 Signal Analyzer, Tek 5111A

Receiver    Radio Shack DX-398

Receiver    MVT 7100 Yupiteru, Active antenna AT100 Vectronics, long
Decoder     Wdecode,Cwave,Hamcom,Jvfax

Receiver    JRC NRD-545 DSP, JRC NRD-345, AOR 3000A
Decoder     M-400 decoder

Receiver    Drake R8A,  Kenwood R-2000
Decoder     Infotec M-600
Antenna     Various long wire

Receiver    Icom R71A
Decoder     M-8000

Receiver    Icom PCR1000
Decoder     baypac BP-2M modem
Antenna     discone antenna and a multiband wire dipole

Receiver    AOR 7030
Decoder     Wavecom W4010

            BC-895, RADIOSHACK PRO-2006, RADIOSHACK PRO-2052, YAESU 
            VR-120, ALINCO DJ-X2, KENWOOD TH-D7A
Decoder     PACKET (APRS)  RTTY

Receiver    Yaesu-7700   50 foot ling wire.

Receiver    DX380 DX390

Receiver    Icom R71A
Decoder     INFO TECH M-600

Receiver    R-71A / ICF-2010
Decoder     M-6000

Receiver    NRD545G
Decoder     HOKA Code300A, Code300-32, PC-ALE
Antenna     20Mtr Wire EW, 50mtr Wire NS(ish)!

Receiver    SEG 15D
Decoder     JVFAX, HAMCOMM

Receiver    WJ HF1000A, Icom R9000, AOR AR7030, Racal RA1792
Decoder     Hoka Code30v.2, M-8000v.5, M-7000v.7

Receiver    Kenwood TS-440S , FRG-7
Decoder     HamComm

Receiver    Panasonic RF2200, RF3100, RF4800, Heathkit SB310, SB313,
            Icom IC 756, R7000, R7100, R9000, Standard C6500, JRC 
            NRD525, Hallicrafters SX42, Hammurlund HQ180, Sony 2010
Decoder     Universal M7000, M400, M1200, AEA PK232, Fax II, Hoka
            Code 3, Kantronics 9612
Antenna     Mosley triband beam wires
Various     Timewave DSP59 + JPS ANC-4

Receiver    Icom R-10, FT-200
Decoder     JVFax, HamComm, WEFAX

Receiver    mod. NRD 535 D, mod. Lowe HF 225 Europa
Decoder     HamComm, JVFAX

Receiver    R-390/URR, R-390A/URR, SP-600 JX21
Decoder     homebrew AF interface and Radioraf

Receiver    FRG-100, Sangean ATS-803A
Decoder     Pk232, Hamcomm 3.1, Jvfax 7.1

Receiver    Yaesu FRG-100
Decoder     My brain for CW

Receiver    Drake R8
Decoder     HAMCOMM, JVFAX, Home-brew interface

Receiver    TS-940S  Sony 2010
Decoder     Typical ham radio multimode decoder

Receiver    FRG7700, PRO2006, PRO 51
Antenna     Eavesdropper

Receiver    R-5000 in radio room, Sony SW-55 in bedroom, TS-50 in car
Decoder     AEA DSP-2232

Receiver    Yaesu VR-5000, Info Tech M-6000v8
Antenna     Longwire on apartment ceiling 45 feet in length
Various     DSP module installed in radio

Receiver    FRG 7700, 2010

Receiver    ICOM-R70, FRG 7, Sony SW77
Decoder     Radioraft, MScan, Hamcomm, TrueTTY
Antenna     T2FD, ZSRX vertical, dipole cut for 9mHz

Receiver    TS-430S, R-390A, R-392, R-648/ARR-41, SP-600, DX-440
Decoder     Hamcomm, JVfax. MFJ 1278.

Receiver    Icom R70
Decoder     RadioRaft,JVFAX,PK-232

Receiver    Icom R75, Kenwood TS-140S, Sony 2010
Decoder     Kantronics KAM, PC-ALE
Antenna     Cushcraft AV-5 vertical, homebrew vertical, 200' random 
Various     Magnavox VCR as long-play recorder, MFJ audio filter

Receiver    JRC NRD 345G
Decoder     Pervisell HAMCOMM

Receiver    R71A, R7000, AR300A, TRC87, R2000, TS430S (transceiver), 

Receiver    Lowe HF150, ICOM R70, Kenwood R600, DATONG FL-2

Receiver    Icom PCR-1000, Realistic DX-394, Handic 0080, Regency 
            M-100, Regency M-400, SBE Sentinel I, SBE Optiscan, DLS80,
            DLS200, Yaesu VR-500
Decoder     Hoka Code 3 Gold, various software decoders
Antenna     Wellbrook ALA-1530, Dressler ARA-2000, discone

Receiver    Icom IC-730, Alinco DX-70T (mobile), RS PRO-2035/OS535
Decoder     MFJ-1278B, various software

Receiver    RD500, HF225, AOR 2002, AT 2000, MFJ 1026

Receiver    Alflab R1, Redifon R408, Redifon R146, Rybka-M (Russian
            RDF set), Koden KS-540, Sailor 46-T, Siemens D2008, 
            Heattkit DF MR21-A. Various E-field probes, loop buffers 
            and Natural Radio Receivers
Decoder     CW-get, MScan Meteo Pro
Antenna     Loops, verticals, longwires

Receiver    Icom R-75, Kenwood R-5000, BC895XLT, Pro-2004, Pro-2006, 
            BC780XLT (used for NOAA WX SAT w/WXSAT), Icom IC-R2
Decoder     Radio Raft, Hamcomm, mixW 2.0
Antenna     long random length inverted L antenna w/ Stridsberg MC-102
Various     2 Level Data Slicer, Soundcard

Receiver    R71
Decoder     PK232,JVFAX,ICS FAX1

Receiver    Drake R-8, ICOM R-100
Decoder     Universal M-1200

Receiver    Alinco DX-70, Sony ICF Pro-80

Receiver    Icom IC-R9000
Decoder     Universal M-8000

Receiver    Kenwood R5000

Receiver    TS840
Decoder     PK232

Receiver    R390A, DX-390

Receiver    AR-3000A, and DX-394

Receiver    ICOM-71A, 7000, DRAKE TR-7, REGENCY MX7000, and several 
Decoder     HOKA-3 GOLD, M-6000, M-605 FDM Demodulator, etc.
Antenna     Dipole and VHF/UHF

Receiver    Icom R-70, IC-751A, FT757SX, NC-240D, ITT-MacKay 3010C
Decoder     Universal M-7000 (work)

Receiver    RS DX-394

Receiver    LOWE HF 225

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000
Decoder     Universal M-7000, AEA PK232MBX

Receiver    Kenwood R-5000
Decoder     M-7000 v2, SoundBlaster w/TrueTTY, AEA-232MBX
Antenna     UHF Discone

Receiver    Racal RA117,Racal ATU MA197,AR1500
Decoder     JVFAX.Hamcom

Receiver    ts2000, ar8200, ubc9000
Decoder     truetty, radioraft, IZ8BLY stream, cwget
Antenna     long wire on a zx yagi box
Various     trx via PTTsound3 computer card (eb3nc)

Receiver    AOR 2002, AOR 1500,  FRG 8800
Decoder     PC-ALE

Receiver    Icom IC-738, Grundig Satellit 700
Decoder     AEA PK-232MBX, PC SoundBlaster software
Antenna     Wire antennas, vertical and yagi


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